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    Apartamentos Cibós 3000

    Carretera de la Rabassa - Edificio Terres de Cibós A | SANT JULIA DE LORIA

    The Apartamentos Cibos complex is a new building in a private residential development next to the Hotel Bona Vista on Carretera de la Rabassa, very near to the Naturlandia leisure and sports complex.

    The apartments are just 100 m from Sant Julià de Loira and 10 minutes by car from Andorra la Vella, the capital of Andorra.

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    Hotel Barcelona 3000

    Carretera Os de Civis- AIXOVALL | SANT JULIA DE LORIA

    The pleasant Hotel Barcelona is located in the town of Aixovall, just 2km away from the famous town of Sant Juliá and just 10 minutes by car from the capital of the Principality of Andorra.


    The location of this apartment is unbeatable in Andorra. The Caldea spa is located 7 km from the hotel, the closest gondola of the Grand Valira ski resort is only 12 km away and the Vallnord ski resort a little over 10km away so it is ideal for those who come to Andorra to ski.


    The city of Barcelona is located less than 200km away, Madrid is just over 600km away, Lleida is less than 150km away and Zaragoza is just 300km away.


    If you would like to travel by public transportation, the hotel is located just in front of the bus stop where the line L1 can be found. This bus connects the town of Les Escaldes (Caldea) with Sant Juliá and has frequent passages of 20 minutes all year long. Also on that same stop you can take the Express line that passes every 10 and 15 minutes. It is stop number 604.


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