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Apartamentos Cims Pas 3000

PAS DE LA CASA | Calle Sant Jordi , 33

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The Apartamentos Cims Pas 3000 building is in Pas de la Casa, just 100 m from access to the Grandvalira ski lifts and close to shops, restaurants and cafés.

Pas de la Casa is a little over 30 km from Andorra la Vella; it is surrounded by nature and very close to the French border.


Apartamentos Cims Pas 3000 was partly refurbished in 2012 and consists mainly of studios that can accommodate up to 6 people.

All the studios are insulated and furnished with everything you need for a wonderful holiday. They have a full bathroom and open-plan kitchen. The beds are in the sitting room, which is also the bedroom.  The 2 person studios have two beds, while the remaining studios have 2 to 4 beds plus a two seater sofa-bed for an extra two guests.

Kitchens are equipped with a fridge, microwave, hobs, coffee maker and sufficient kitchenware for maximum occupancy of the studio. There is a television in the sitting room.

Bedding and towels are provided for all guests and there is a small cleaning product kit for the first few days. Table linen and tea towels are not included.


Apartamentos Cims Pas 3000 has free WiFi throughout the building and a ski storage service (on request, supplementary charge).

These Andorra apartments welcome pets on request (supplementary charge).


Bathroom with bath or shower
Between 100 and 300 m from town centre
Clothes horse
Free heating
Pets accepted (supplementary charge)
Weekly bedding change
Bedding included
Ceramic hob
Coffee maker
Near a chemist
Supermarket from 0 to 100 m
Between 100 and 300 m from the slopes
Charge for Internet/WiFi in rooms
Deposit required
Near an A&E
Towels included

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The Apartamentos Cims Pas 3000 building is in Pas de la Casa on the French border and is a great shopping destination due to its large number of shops.  Visitors should stop off at the Pyrenées Andorra shopping centre that specialises in international brands, food and cleaning; it is in Plaza de Coprínceps just 5 minutes from the apartments.

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