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Apartamentos Alcocebre Suites 3000

ALCOSSEBRE | Cami Zapata nº 1 Telf 964105305

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Apartamentos Alcocebre Suites 3000 is in Alcossebre on the undiscovered and beautiful Costa del Azahar. The complex is next to the sea in a peaceful residential area.  It is just metres away from several beaches: 50 m from Moro beach, 200 m from Tres Playas and 300 m from Romana beach. The apartments are 2 km from the town centre which can be reached by strolling along the pretty seafront walk while enjoying the views.


Apartments in the Apartamentos Alcocebre Suites 3000 complex can accommodate  4-8 guests and have a fully-equipped kitchen with everything you could need for a beach holiday, a full bathroom and a sitting room with a television.

The apartments are as follows:

2/4 person apartments with a double room and a two seater sofa-bed in the sitting/dining room, a kitchen, bathroom and terrace;

4/6 person apartments with two double rooms and a two seater sofa-bed in the sitting/dining room, a kitchen, bathroom, toilet and terrace;

6/8 person apartments with three double rooms and a two seater sofa-bed in the sitting/dining room, a kitchen, bathroom, toilet and terrace.

Kitchens are equipped with a fridge, oven, microwave, ceramic hobs, coffee-machine and sufficient kitchenware for maximum occupancy of the apartment. Bedding is provided for all guests.


Apartamentos Alcocebre Suites 3000 has a lift, swimming pool, gardens, a paddle tennis court and a children's playground.

Parking spaces and air conditioning are available on request (supplementary charge).  There is also a towel hire service.

Finally, pets are welcome at the apartments on request (supplementary charge). 


24-h reception 15 June to 15 September
Bedding included
Children's play area
Credit cards accepted
Indoor parking on request (additional cost)
Swimming pool
Towels (supplementary charge)
Air conditioning/heating on request with supplementary charge
Between 100 and 300 m from beach
Coffee maker
Deposit required
Over 1 km from town centre
Washing machine
Bathroom with bath or shower
Ceramic hob
Cot (supplementary charge)
Free paddle tennis court
Pets accepted (supplementary charge)
Terrace furniture
Weekly bedding change

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Apartamentos Alcocebre Suites 3000 is in the perfect location to enjoy the beaches of Alcossebre. It is just 300 m from three stunning beaches that have something to offer every type of visitor, from children's play areas and rollerblade hire for the youngest holidaymakers to scuba-diving and windsurfing for sports-lovers. The beaches at Alcossebre are also the perfect spot for visitors who just want to relax and unwind. The apartment complex is next to Moro and Tres Playas beaches, small, pretty coves that are cut-off from the main coastline and very peaceful.

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