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Apartamentos Marcomar 3000


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The Apartamentos Marcomar  3000 complex is in Alcossebre, a pretty seaside village in Castellón. The apartments are 900 m from Las Fuentes beach and 2 km from the centre of the village. They are also just 1 km from the Serra d'Irta Nature Reserve.


Apartments in the Apartamentos Marcomar 3000 complex can accommodate 4-6 guests and have a fully-equipped kitchen with everything you could need for a beach holiday, a full bathroom and a sitting room with a television.

The apartments are as follows:

2-4 person apartment with a double room and a two seater sofa-bed in the sitting/dining room, a kitchen, bathroom and terrace.

4-6 person apartment with two double rooms and a two seater sofa-bed in the sitting/dining room, a kitchen, bathroom and terrace.

Kitchens are equipped with a fridge, microwave, ceramic hobs, washing machine, coffee maker and sufficient kitchenware for the number of guests. Sheets are provided for all guests.


Guests at the Apartamentos Marcomar 3000 complex can enjoy its swimming pool and gardens. 

The apartments have air conditioning on request (supplementary charge) and a towel hire service.

Finally, pets are welcome at the apartments on request (supplementary charge). 


Air conditioning/heating on request with supplementary charge
Bathroom with bath or shower
Clothes horse
Credit cards accepted
Heating on request with supplementary charge
Over 1 km from town centre
Swimming pool
Washing machine
Airport less than 30 km
Bedding included
Coffee maker
Deposit required
Indoor parking on request (additional cost)
Over 500 m from beach
Weekly bedding change
Balcony and/or terrace
Ceramic hob
Cot (supplementary charge)
Pets accepted (supplementary charge)
Towels (supplementary charge)

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The Apartamentos Marcomar 3000 complex sits at the foot of the Serra d'Irta Nature Reserve. The mountain  range is 15 km long and reaches 573 m at its highest point. The mountains have 10,000 h of protected land, which is of great ecological importance due to its wealth of flora and fauna. It can be discovered by joining a guided visit or by exploring the dozens of trails by bicycle or on foot. In addition to its ecological value, the nature reserve is worth visiting to enjoy its stunning views and the cultural heritage hidden among the mountains. This includes the castles of Xivert and Pulpis (founded by the Knights Templar), the 17th century chapels of Sant Antoni Abad and Santa Lucía and the watchtowers e.g. the Moorish Ebrí and Badum watchtowers.

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