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Apartamentos Peñíscola Centro 3000

PENISCOLA | Carrer dels Llandels, 21

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Apartamentos Peñíscola Centro 3000 is part of a newly-built block in the heart of Peñíscola, in a spectacular location between 300 and 400 m from the north and south beaches. The apartments are very close to the seafront walk and just minutes from the Palacio de Congresos (Convention Centre).


Apartments in Apartamentos Peñíscola Centro  3000 can accommodate up to 12 people in double rooms and on a sofa-bed in the sitting room.

- 8 person apartments: 1, 2 or 3 double rooms and double sofa-bed in the sitting/dining room;
- 10-12 person apartment: 2 double rooms, a double suite with sofa-bed and bathroom and a bedroom with two camp beds.

All the apartments have a fully-equipped open-plan kitchen, a full bathroom and a terrace. The 10 person apartment has two terraces and a toilet in addition to the bathroom.

The apartments have bedding for all guests but towels are not included; these may be hired from reception. Tea towels and table linen are not included either.


Apartamentos Peñíscola Centro 3000 has an adults'/children's pool; guests can book their apartment with or without the pool depending on their preference.


Bathroom with bath or shower
Between 300 and 500 m from beach
Cot (supplementary charge)
Electric hob
Near an A&E
Swimming pool
Towels (supplementary charge)
Bedding included
Clothes horse
Credit cards accepted
Pets accepted (supplementary charge)
Washing machine
Between 100 and 300 m from town centre
Coffee maker
Deposit required
Indoor parking on request (additional cost)
Near a chemist
Supermarket from 0 to 100 m
Terrace furniture
Weekly bedding change

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The Apartamentos Peñíscola Centro 3000 complex is in Peñíscola old town and visitors will be able to experience its culture, history and heritage. The town has close links with the sea, as can be seen in the Museum of the Sea (in the “Les Costures” building); visitors can learn about architecture, the history of fishing and sea fauna. There is an aquarium at the end of the museum visit, the perfect place to spend an afternoon with the children.

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