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    Apartamentos Pobra do Caramiñal 3000

    Calle Venecia, 28-30 | POBRA DO CARAMIÑAL, A

    The Apartments Pobra do Caramiñal of Ares are located right in the center of the Galician town of Rías Altas, just behind the church of the town and only 30 meters from the beach.

    Puebla de Caramiñal or “Pobra do Caramiña”l in Galician, is 60 km away from Santiago de Compostela, the main tourist center of the area and a must visit. A Coruña is located just over 130 km and Lugo less than 200 km away.

    If you travel by plane, this complex is located 70 km from Santiago airport, Vigo airport is only 90 km away and A Coruña is just over 125 km away.


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