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Apartamentos Revolta Sanxenxo 3000

REVOLTA, A - NOALLA - SANXENXO | Fonte de Ons, 2

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The Revolta Sanxenxo Apartments are located between Sanxenxo and the Grove in La Revolta and has easy access to Lanzada Beach. Despite belonging to the municipality of Sanxenxo, these apartments are in a quiet area easily accessible and perfectly situated. Lanzada beach can be reached on foot as it is just over 900 meters away from the apartments.

The town of Sanxenxo is located only 7 km away, Grove 6 km away, Pontevedra less than 30km away and Santiago less than 80km away. If you travel by plane, these Rías Bajas apartments can be reached from the airport of Santiago or Vigo which are a little more than 60km away.


The Revolta Sanxenxo Apartments can accommodate up to 6 people in 1 or 2 double bedrooms and a sofa bed in the dining room. All apartments have a kitchen open to the living room and television.

The bedrooms are double occupancy and can contain one double bed, two single beds or bunk beds. The usual layout of the two-bedroom apartments contains a room with a double bed and another room with two single beds. The one bedroom apartments usually have two single beds. Please feel free to indicate your preferences however, the layout of your apartment will not be confirmed until arrival.

All of the apartments have a living room with double sofa bed in which 2 more people can sleep. This is additional to the capacity of the apartment. In the dining room there is a television and enough furniture for a comfortable holiday stay.

The kitchen is fully equipped. It has a washing machine, oven or microwave, refrigerator and coffee machine, as well as furniture according to the capacity of each apartment. Bedding is provided for all customers who are part of the reservation however the kitchen cloths and linens are not included.

One set of towels per guest is included.


The building in which the Revolta Sanxenxo Apartments are located is newly built as they recently opened to the public in 2018. They have parking for all guests and accept pets upon request and at an additional cost. In addition, they have heating, making them ideal for both winter and summer vacations. In the surrounding area you can find all kinds of services, pharmacies, restaurants, bars, cafes


Bathroom with bath or shower
Credit cards accepted
Swimming pool
Weekly bedding change
Bedding included
Deposit required
Indoor parking on request (additional cost)
Over 500 m from beach
Towels included
Coffee maker
Free heating
Pets accepted (supplementary charge)
Washing machine

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What to do

Perhaps one of the most famous destinations very close to the apartments is the Isla de la Toja, a small island known mainly for the medicinal mineral properties of its waters.

The island is less than 7km away from the Revolta Sanxenxo Apartments. The Grove peninsula and the La Toja bridge connects both locations.

Although most of its visitors stay at the spa itself, there are a variety of other more economical offers at the La Toja spa that include only the circuit or other treatments without the accommodation.

From just € 20 (€ 10 for children) you can enjoy 3 hours of relaxation in the facilities of La Toja spa, which is open every day from 9 a.m. to 9 a.m.

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