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    Granada Nahira Suites 3000

    Calle Hospital de Peregrinos, 8 | GRANADA

    The Apartments 3000 Granada Nahira Suites is located in a historic building located in the center of Granada, two steps from the Gran Vía de Granada and a couple of minutes’ walk from the Plaza de Isabel la Católica. From there you can take the bus that leads to the doors of the Alhambra in Granada.

    The apartments are located just over 1500 meters from the train station of Granada and can be reached on foot in just over 15 minutes. If you arrive to Granada by plane, the Granada Nahira Suites are only 20 km from Granada airport and 1 hour and a half from the Malaga airport.

    If you are traveling by plane, the apartments are two minutes from the bus stop to the Granada airport which also connects to the center of Granada, an ideal location.

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    Granada Catedral Plaza 3000

    Calle Postigo de San Agustín, 1 | GRANADA

    The Apartments 3000 Granada Catedral Plaza is located in the historic center of Granada, just a step away from the Cathedral of Granada in a quiet and well-connected location. Its location cannot be better - one minute from the Gran Vía de Granada, the main road of the town, a step away from the Mercado de San Miguel as well as any important landmark of the town. From these apartments you can walk to the popular Alhambra in Granada.

    The apartments are also located just over 1500 meters from the train station of Granada. You can reach the train station on foot in just over 15 minutes.

    If you arrive to Granada by plane, Granada Cathedral Plaza apartments are only 20 km from Granada airport and 1 hour and a half from the Malaga airport.


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