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Apartamentos Valentina Deluxe 3000

GRANADA | Calle Hospital de Santa Ana, 10

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The Valentina Deluxe Apartments 3000 are located in an old palace in the center of Granada just next to Isabel la Católica Square, one of the main squares of the town of Granada opposite of the Plaza de Santa Ana and the Superior Court of Justice of Granada.

Its location is fantastic whether it be for business or for cultural tourism. Behind the apartments you can find one of the entrances to the Alhambra in Granada.

These apartments are just over 10 minutes from the Granada train station, Granada airport is 20 km away and the bus station is 15 minutes by taxi from the apartments.

Madrid is located 420 km away, 125 km separate these apartments from Malaga, or 200 km from Cordoba and 250 km from Seville.


The building in which the Valentina Deluxe Apartments 3000 are located has 6 1-bedroom apartments, a charming duplex and 2 bedrooms on the top floor of the building with unique attic rooms.

The 6 apartments have a double bedroom with a double bed or two single beds and a double sofa bed in the dining room so they can accommodate up to 4 people. Please feel free to indicate your preferences however, the layout of your apartment will not be confirmed until arrival.

The capacity of the duplex is for 6 people in 2 double bedrooms and a double sofa bed in the living room. The bedrooms have a double bed in one of them and another with two single beds.

Both apartments and the duplex have a kitchen equipped with the furniture according to the capacity of each apartment, refrigerator, oven, microwave, stove, coffee machine and washing machine. They also have a full bathroom, as well as a living room with a television providing guests with complete comfort in Granada.

The apartments include bed linen and bath towels for all guests, however kitchen cloths or tablecloths will not be provided.


The Valentina Deluxe Apartments 3000 have heating (included in the price) as well as air conditioning upon availability and also included in the price making them ideal for both winter and summer.

Also, if you are traveling with your pet in Granada, the complex is pet friendly.

The complex has parking near the apartment, a great addition to park comfortably in a very complicated and busy area of Granada.

And for those who cannot leave technology, even on vacation, these apartments provide Wi-Fi.


Airport less than 20 km
Clothes horse
Credit cards accepted
Free heating
Hair dryer
Pets accepted (supplementary charge)
Train/bus station over 1 km
Bathroom with bath or shower
Coffee maker
Electric hob
Free Internet/WiFi in rooms
Indoor parking on request (additional cost)
Supermarket over 300 m
Washing machine
Between 0 and 100 m from town centre
Cot (supplementary charge)
Free air conditioning/heating
Oven or microwave
Towels included

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What to do

To disconnect and breathe peacefully, we propose a walk through the road of Darro, located just below the Valentina Deluxe Apartments 3000. It is a quiet cobblestone street at the foot of the Albaicín parallel to the Darro river that combines nature and architecture. It begins in the church of San Gil and Santa Ana, built at the beginning of the 16th century just above the old Almanzra mosque. It is a parish of mainly religious use, although during worship and with care and respect, visitors can approach to take a look at the temple that is in the Mudejar style.

Following the route of the Darro promenade and after 10 minutes of a pleasant walk you will reach a beautiful square with wonderful views of the Alhambra. A plaza in which several restaurants have a charming terrace where you can eat or have a snack looking at the Alhambra both in winter and summer. A delight to disconnect in a place a step from the center but with absolute tranquility.

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