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Apartamentos Gandia-Daimuz 3000

DAIMUZ | Avenida Roger de Lluria

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The Gandia Daimuz 3000 Apartments are located in the locality of Daimus, at less than 10 minutes from the Gandia’s port and less than 5 minutes walking to the beach sand. They are in the valencian locality urbanization Campos I and Campos II.

They are near Gandia and at less than 5 minutes from the Valencian Coast locality’s train station and a little more than one hour and a half from the Alicante airport or the Valencia’s one.   

The Oliva Nova Golf Course is at 15 km from the apartments and the locality of Valencia at 75 km.      


The Gandia Daimuz 3000 Apartments are located in the C\ Roger de Lauria Street in two residential blocs perfect for families.

 They have different types of lodgements and capacities: 

2/4 Apartments: Apartments with a double room (with a double bed or two single beds), sofa bed in the living-dining room, full-equipped kitchen, bathroom and terrace or balcony.

4/6 Apartments: Apartments with two double rooms (with a double bed or two single beds in each one), sofa bed in the living-dining room, full-equipped kitchen, bathroom and terrace or balcony.

6/8 Apartments: Apartments with three double rooms (with a double bed or two single beds in each one), sofa bed in the living-dining room, full-equipped kitchen, bathroom and terrace or balcony.

All of them are perfectly equipped with range hood, microwave, oven, refrigerator, television and kitchenware according to every apartment’s capacity.

They also include bedding but not table linen or kitchen rags. Neither includes towels, they can be rented in the reception.


Because of their location, the Gandia Daimus 3000 Apartments are ideal for travel in family and pass good holidays near the Gandia’s Beach, since they are in a peaceful vacation locality far from noises and nightclubs; but surrounded by all the amenities necessary for your holidays.

Near the building are a lot of amenities, supermarkets and little stores, gift shops, bars, coffee shops, all types of restaurants, optical shops, pharmacies, ice-cream shops… and any other type of amenity that you could need for appreciate your vacation.


Balcony and/or terrace
Between 100 and 300 m from beach
Deposit required
Towels (supplementary charge)
Bathroom with bath or shower
Coffee maker
Washing machine
Bedding included
Credit cards accepted
Gas hob
Pets accepted (supplementary charge)
Weekly bedding change

Map and distances

What to do

The Gandia Daimuz Apartments are located at 150 meters from the Daimus’ beach promenade and the sea.

The locality beach is perfect for rest with your children because of his tranquillity and the quality of his waters. They also have a parking for 100 vehicles if you want to come by car and have sand dunes that give them a desert and original aspect.

In her length with more than 1000 meter of fine sand and with her more than 40 meter width we can find some beach bars, restaurants, restrooms, pay phones, and some sunshades and hammocks rental services.

Along the beach we can also find some different sports facilities like boules court, soccer field and basketball court.

In the Municipal Sport Centre situated between the Historical Centre and the beach we find a soccer field, 2 racquetball courts, 2 tennis courts, 2 paddle tennis courts and the municipal pool.

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