Ski pass Sierra Nevada

Ski pass Sierra Nevada

The Sierra Nevada ski resort is one of the most popular ones on the Iberian Peninsula. It has a capacity of 14,000 visitors per day and it’s a cut above the rest in several aspects, such as its prime location.  It is found right in the heart of the Sierra Nevada National Park in Southern Spain. This makes it the ski resort with the most hours of daylight in Europe.

At the same time, its top elevation is at 3,300 metres, which also makes it the highest ski resort in Spain. To top it off, it has more than 50 years of history and experience.

Sierra Nevada specialises in downhill skiing. To this end, it has a total of 106.8 skiable kilometres and 124 pistes for all levels. Furthermore, it has 2 gondola lifts, 14 chairlifts, 1 T-bar lift, and 4 magic carpet lifts.

But its facilities have even more to offer! There’s a park for freestyle skiing and snowboarding, a ski cross trail, a children’s play area and family-themed area (Pista del Mar and Pista del Bosque), a recreation area (Fuente del Mirlo Blanco), and a children’s snow park (Dream Land).

For this reason, at this ski resort, it is possible to carry out activities as fun as tubing (sliding downhill on tubes) or snowshoeing.

Sierra Nevada’s services are rounded off with ski schools, day care, parking areas, ski storage, and dining facilities, among many others.

In addition, Sierra Nevada has the best ski pass deals for the winter season, ensuring an outstanding experience for snow lovers everywhere.

The ski resort offers ski passes for consecutive days in Sierra Nevada, with the possibility to choose from 2 to 7 consecutive days of skiing at a better price. It is also possible to choose other options, such as individual days (non-consecutive), from 2 to 25 days; one single day of skiing or even a half-day of skiing (from 1:00 p.m. onwards).

Naturally, the prices vary depending on the number of days selected, but also on the age of the skiers. The ski resort distinguishes among four groups: junior, from 6 to 12 years old; youth, from 13 to 16 years old; adult, from 17 to 59 years old; and senior, from 60 to 69 years old. It is worth mentioning that for children under 6 years old, juniors with disabilities, and seniors over 70 years old get a 100% discount on the price of the ski pass; they only have to pay 5 euros per day as Compulsory Travel Insurance.

For those who don't ski often or for those who can’t travel with their own equipment, without a shadow of a doubt, the best option is to round off the ski pass with ski equipment hire.

Don’t think twice! Choose the Sierra Nevada Ski Resort for your short ski break. Book your apartment at Sierra Nevada and choose the ski pass that best suits your needs. After that, you're all set to enjoy the snow, the mountains, and the fresh air with your family, your partner, or your friends.

Ski pass Formigal-Panticosa

Ski pass Formigal-Panticosa

The Formigal - Panticosa Ski Resort has the largest skiable surface in Spain. It is the result of the merger of two of Aramón’s ski resorts, Formigal and Panticosa, and it totals 176 skiable km. Both ski resorts are found in the Tena Valley and are spread out over six valleys.

The Formigal Ski Resort has 97 pistes for all levels and a total of 138 skiable kilometres. For the comfort of its visitors, it has four accesses (Sextas, Sarrios, Anayet, and Portalet) and free parking at each of them. Its top elevation is at 2,251 metres and its base elevation is at 1,501 metres, making it one of the highest in Spain. 

Formigal has 21 ski lifts, a terrain park, a freeride area, a snow bike area, two cross-country skiing trails, and a snowshoe trail. In addition, it has activities such as snowmobiles, sledding trails, or tubing. Its offerings are rounded off with many services, among which are ski schools, day care, bars and restaurants, shops for the sale and hire of ski equipment, or ski storage facilities.

On the other hand, the Panticosa Ski Resort has 38 skiable kilometres, 45 pistes, 15 ski lifts, and a gondola lift. In addition, it has children’s play areas (such as the Bosque Animado) and a terrain park, among many other facilities. Fun activities, such as paragliding are also among the many options to choose from.

The Panticosa Ski Resort’s services are rounded off with day care, cafeterias and restaurants, sun terrace, ski schools, shops for the sale and hire of ski equipment, and ski storage facilities.

The Formigal – Panticosa Ski Resort offers a free comprehensive transport service. On the one hand, there’s a shuttle bus that links the two ski resorts (Formigal-Panticosa) during their hours of operation. And on the other hand, there are buses that connect both ski resorts with the nearby towns. For example, the Urbanización Formigal housing estate with two of the Formigal Ski Resort’s sectors (Sextas and Anayet) and the Urbanización Argualas housing estate and the hotels in Panticosa with the Panticosa Ski Resort.

In addition, there’s the so-called Bus Blanco, which makes the return journey Zaragoza-Huesca-Panticosa (Tuesdays and Thursdays) and Zaragoza-Huesca-Formigal (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays) throughout practically the entire season. A minimum of 18 persons is required for it to run and its price is approximately 25 euros.

Aside from all these benefits and services, Formigal – Panticosa has the best ski pass deals for the winter season. It is possible to get a ski pass for Formigal, a ski pass for Panticosa, or a combined ski pass that gives access to both ski resorts.

1. ONE-DAY SKI PASS - several options to choose from, with the possibility of taking out insurance valid for the entire day:

  • Half-day ski pass: until 1:00 p.m.
  • Afternoon ski pass: from 2:30 p.m. onwards Only valid at the Formigal Ski Resort
  • Beginner ski pass: intended for beginners who want to discover the world of skiing and only valid at the Formigal Ski Resort
  • Outing ski pass: two ascents and two descents to choose from among the 4 chairlifts at Formigal. Not valid for skiing
  • Gondola lift outing: only valid for the Panticosa gondola lift

2. MULTI-DAY SKI PASS - different options, among which are:

  • This type of ski pass makes it possible to ski several consecutive days with certain economic advantages. It is possible to choose from 2 to 7 consecutive days of skiing. For Formigal, a special price is available for 10 and 20 consecutive days.
  • It is also possible to purchase the so-called free days, which are nonconsecutive days that can be chosen over two seasons at any of the Aramón Group’s ski resorts (not only Formigal and Panticosa, but also Cerler, Javalambre, and Valdelinares). The free day options are: 5, 10, or 20 days.

The prices for all ski passes for Formigal – Panticosa vary depending on the number of days chosen and the age of the skiers. There's a price for adults between 12 and 64 years old, and another price for children and seniors—the first group is between 6 and 11 years old whereas the second group is between 65 and 71 years old. On the other hand, children under 6 years old and seniors over 71 years old may get a special ski pass at the ticket office. This costs only 3 euros per day.

Once the ski pass has been chosen, the next step is to get the right equipment ready. For those who decide to discover the world of skiing or snowboarding for the first time, or for those who cannot travel with their own equipment, a good idea is to round off the ski pass with ski equipment hire. Whether for skiing or snowboarding, it is possible to choose among several standards of materials according to quality. The most advisable option would be the so-called Bronze or standard, which is a value option. It is possible to hire a complete set of equipment with skis, boots, and poles, or with a board and boots (helmet advisable in both cases) or just some of the items separately. Equipment is available for both adults and children, which may be hired for as many days as you wish. You can also take out insurance to protect the equipment against any possible incident during this period.  

Now, with your ski pass and equipment, you’re ready to enjoy the snow! Choose your apartment to ski at Formigal – Panticosa and plan your short ski break.