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We are a holiday rental agency with years of experience in managing beach, city and mountain rentals. We manage over 100 of our own complexes and employ more than 50 members of staff who work to offer you the best apartment offers and promotions.

Would you like to see what we look like? Here we all are at our annual convention.

So now you know us, do you want to know why you should book with us?


Who we are

  • Feel at home. Unlike a hotel room, an apartment is a space that has been designed to be lived in. It is comfortable and gives you complete freedom to do whatever you want each day. Guests can do the same things they do at home, from sitting on the sofa and watching a film to inviting guests round or putting on the washing machine.
  • The same facilities with more space. The apartments are fully-furnished and give you the same level of comfort and facilities as a hotel, e.g. swimming pool, sports centre, garden, parking, etc.
  • Don't pay more for the same. An apartment saves you money when travelling in a group of 4 or over, in comparison to a hotel. Apartments have a standard price that is divided between the number of occupants, and many more people can stay in an apartment than a hotel room.
  • Eat as if you were at home. All the apartments have fully-equipped kitchens where you can cook the food you want at much lower prices. You can store all the food and drink you want in the fridge.
  • No more separations. Apartments have a greater capacity so travellers can enjoy their holiday together, sharing the same living space.
  • Organise your own holiday schedule. In an apartment there are no strict meal times and you do not have to be aware of cleaning and maintenance staff, etc.

So what do we offer that the rest don't?

  1. Best price guarantee. We directly manage over 100 complexes with no middlemen! That means we can offer you the lowest price possible.
  2. No management or cancellation fees. We do not charge any management or cancellation fees for changes or cancellations when the booking has not generated any expenses.
  3. Do not pay the total amount until you arrive. We know how important it is to our customers to be able to delay payment and for this reason we do not charge the full amount until you arrive at the apartment. You pay 25% as a deposit for the booking and the rest when you arrive. If the booking is cancelled without generating any expenses, this amount will be returned to you.
  4. Great service from start to finish. Before, during and after your holiday we will help you to solve any problems that may arise. Our customer service centre is open 24 hours a day to help with any type of emergency before arriving at the apartment. Our receptions at each location will make sure you feel like you are at home once you have arrived.

Remember, we are leading Spanish accommodation chain that specialises in tourist and holiday apartments. We directly manage all our accommodation without using middlemen or charging commissions.

Our mission is to give you the holiday tourist accommodation you want at a very competitive price.

We work with a view to being the leading tourist holiday rental company in the Spanish market thanks to our wide variety of products, turnover and number of customers.

We have values and ethics that make us special.

We want to be leaders and therefore work to be the best, to be the market leader.

We aim to collaborate and boost our work together so that everyone who participates in the company feels part of a team.

We listen to our customers because they tell us what we should be offering.

We are passionate about our work and our team is committed to ensuring that the service our staff offer is always the best.

We want diversity in the broadest sense of the word, whether it means having a wide range of products to meet customers' needs or having a multi-disciplinary and diverse team.

We aim for quality and search for excellence in our products and service.

And our activity is always transparent. We want to be responsible for what we do at all times. We have integrity when working with everyone who participates in the organisational processes of the company.

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